A Rant of Sorts.

I need to let this out. Because I hate people who try to undermine me.

So, if you’re not someone who likes to read rants then maybe this blog post isn’t for you.
Alright, I have an account on wattpad which I go on when I’m a night class and have a break I can read to just wind down before I resume my everyday life as a tortured college student. (Which I’m not really tortured). Anyhow, I’m reading this really awesome Klaus story and the author is having a Q & A; so here I am asking if Hayley is going to come between the main character and Tyler later on in the story since in the last Q&A everyone asked about Klaus and the main character and how Hayley plays a part. So mind you I asked this question earlier on today and when I logged back on watt pad another reader comments on my question and tells me to read the first Q&A and to respect the author and check like she asked.

This is when I started to get annoyed. So I read the first Q&A again to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me, which they didn’t. Also I didn’t in any way shape or form disrespect the author by asking a question that was answered because I made sure before I jumped the gun. Naturally being the kind of person I am replied back to the girl just to set the record straight that I had every right to ask the question for it was never brought up. Not only did this commenter write this on my question she did the same for others. I understand there were some questions that were already answered previously but there was no reason for you to comment on it. And what bothers me the most is that someone else comments and basically it’s a little negative but I saw her point in writing a comment like she did but it was unnecessary. Oh and get this the commenter that commented on other readers and my question replies to the one girl and is all “Ikr!!!! Some people” like, girl bye.

Am I overreacting? I’m high key judging this girl and for her ignorance. Which is mean so now I feel bad because I told myself I wasn’t going to be a rude female dog as much this year.
January 10th, 2016 at 04:38am