Is There Even a Point?

Is there even a point in emailing admins of any website for anything?

So I recently tried to join WritersCafe to see what it was like, well my confirmation email has yes to arrive and I've been trying since the day before yesterday. I even emailed the admins about this matter and I've yet to hear anything.

Now this is not the sole reason for this blog, I've run into these problems before with other websites. For example, there was a time on Wattpad where the covers app stopped working for me, I had screenshot crop, then use a picture from the gallery to add my cover. I emailed the admins and while I was able to solve the problem myself. I ran into this problem around February of last year and I still haven't received a reply of any kind from them.

I have other examples like this but you get my point, unless you personally know the admins or they're like the admins on this site who are actively a part of the website it seems impossible to get any kind of help from them so is there even a point to giving us an email to contact them with?
January 10th, 2016 at 10:00am