TV Shows or Movies? + Your Favorite Book Series

So The Immortal Instruments failed as a movie, and now they're trying again as a TV show. I find this to be funny because I was so excited for my favorite book series so far Wicked Lovely, because I heard it was getting a movie. My brother said it would do better as a TV show, because in movies, there's only so much time, so some things are bound to be left out, and you can only hope that what's left out isn't something important.

However; with a TV show everything can be added, and no details have to be left out, so even people who have not read the books can fully appreciate them, and the fans of the series don't have to be disappointed in the lack of details.

I think Shadow Hunters has the chance to do something great here, and if they succeed, maybe there's hope for the rest of our favorite book series.

So personally for you, would you rather your favorite book series be turned into a movie or a TV series?
January 16th, 2016 at 10:25pm