Everyone Left Mibba

I guess I could include myself in that because I hadn't done anything on Mibba for the entirety of 2015. I can't even remember the last time I wrote something for this site, and I am back and I'm trying to write stuff again, but it feels very strange. A lot of the people I used to regularly see on this place and talk to are gone. Not everyone, and I know a lot of people still use the site, obviously, but it feels very strange. I've been on Mibba for quite a while now, so I guess it's just nostalgia?

I'd love to see things the way they were before I left, but I guess that's silly considering anything would be different after over a year. ALSO, every story I was subscried to hasn't been updated in like over a year. It's kinda crazy, but I've seen a lot of those authors post blogs abut how they're leaving, and that's the real tragedy because now I'm left hanging :(

Anyway, I understand why people leave. I'm not upset that someone who was writing something I liked left, that's incredibly entitled, but I am left feeling very strange and sad that the site I've used for many years now seems to be empty to me.

Also, I have an unrelated question. I tried putting a shadow on the title of this blog layout, but it won't actually show up. Can someone help me with that because it looks much better with the shadow, in my opinion. Thanks!

EDIT: I got help, the shadow is no longer a problem :)
February 15th, 2016 at 09:19pm