Rushing Stories

Throughout my long lived career of posting things on Mibba and eventually taking them off because I lose inspiration i've come to recognize my problem. I post anything I write wayyy too early in the game. Constantly i'm writing one chapter, pausing to spend more time making the story page and making a layout than actually writing, and then throwing the story onto the back burner once I post a chapter. Because, oh look a butterfly I can write a novel about a butterfly in Canada. (Or something along those lines)

With that in mind i've cut back on my postings, when I started writing on Mibba I had...four? active stories that all had about two or three chapters. I think two got good feedback so I focused on those but my mind is scattered and I find myself constantly coming up with writing ideas. But once I start fleshing them out, writing chapters, and getting it out there, I kind of just blank and move onto the next thing. It's a flaw, I admit it.

With that in mind, does anyone else suffer from this kind of thing? What do you do to combat it? I'm thinking if I switch to short stories where I have to get everything out right then and there, it'll help but I don't know. Time will tell my Mibbians, time will tell.
March 7th, 2016 at 05:44am