Tubular Music

I have some groovy tunes for those who read this. This is actually just a list of song's I've recently been into. Feel free to share music any of you think everyone else should also listen to.

I'm pretty sure I've heard this before in a commercial? For some reason I associate this song with a Pepsi commercial. It's a good song anyway, I don't really have anything else to say about it though :(

So, apparently Joe Jonas is the best Jonas brother? I knew this since I was 8, everyone else seems to be catching up on this realization because of this song though. I really like this band, and it seems like they're taking off like they should. Nick Jonas is alright, but DNCE's music is just more fun. Nick Jonas isn't very fun. Also, what happened to Kevin Jonas? Does he still have his reality show? This is the most I've thought about the Jonas Brothers in years. But anyway, this song is pretty good and I love the band's energy.

Yeah, I'm a little late to the Kendrick Lamar hype. This is probably my favorite song from To Pimp a Butterfly, which may sound a little silly because there are so many other songs others may consider more substantial? I can listen to this song for hours. Kendrick Lamar is such a talented artist and his album completely deserved the best album grammy, but oh well. I liked the album that won too, even if it was released two years ago and probably shouldn't be receiving attention anymore (I might get sued by T*ylor Sw*ft if I write the album's name or her name). That sounds sarcastic but I actually did like it.

This song changed my life? I actually can't believe I only heard it a few weeks ago, and I don't know how I'll feel about this statement in a month, but: this song is probably the most important song I've heard.

I don't have accents on my keyboard :( This song is also old, I remember hearing it when I was a kid and my parents always joke with this song when I ask about someone who isn't around. Like I could ask them where my sister is and they will answer ____ no esta to the tune of this song 90% of the time. But this song is actually pretty good and very fun to sing.

I used a line from this story for one of my stories four years ago. I still love this song with all my sad heart four years later. My heart is only sad because Ryan Ross is in the song.

I will never not love that first line. This song also inspired me to watch Bridget Jones or the Diary of Bridget Jones or whatever the name of that movie was. It was a good movie. I love RomComs :/

I think that's it. I hope some of you guys listen to some of these and find something you like and share songs you guys think are jelling.
March 15th, 2016 at 11:47pm