This Boat Is Sinking Fast

I had an internship lined up at the beginning of the year in Nashville, TN with the company that I dreamed of working for.

A couple weeks ago, my intel inside the company told me that many employees would be let go and she didn't know what that meant for interns.

On Sunday, I was informed my intel was one of those people who is being let go. Over half the employees at this company have been let go and apparently the environment is not good at all anymore.

My intel informed me today that my boss said he'll need interns now more than ever because nearly everyone is gone. Now I feel like its my duty to continue with the internship, despite considering dropping it because I don't want to get to Nashville and then have a shitty experience. I'd be fine with having my ass worked off; that's how you learn. I'll work myself into the ground if I have to. I'm afraid of having nothing, not learning anything, having the experience being pointless and unstable.

I was also going to live with my intel, but they may be leaving Nashville since losing their job. So now I also have nowhere to live.

Now I have to take into consideration:
If I stay, I don't even know when my internship is supposed to officially start. They never told me. Also, where the fuck am I going to live?

If I drop in the internship, I have to deal with the guilt of abandoning my position. And I have to find another internship. One where I will learn, one that gives me good experience, and will look good on my resume. I made connections with people back in January, but didn't try that hard because I was supposed to already be settled. Sucks to suck, apparently.

So that is what's happening in my life now. Great times. So excited.
March 16th, 2016 at 09:42pm