Just Saying Hello || A New Story... What?!


This whole life thing has me jumping through hoops lately. I promise I am trying to keep up with everything, and it's definitely not going my way. So, DX!

My internship turned into a full time position. I'm working for Marketing, and it's killing my writing life. Desperate isn't even the right word to describe how badly I'm trying to get onto a writing schedule.

Any who,

You guys came for the story announcement.

All Out and Over is finally here!


Come and watch the fun at the circus unfold in a very dangerous way.

Meet Malory.

This is the queen of hearts, the fortune teller extraordinaire. She'll love you with a smile while her tarot cards bury you alive.

Meet Cara.

The wild child, fire loving, exhibitionist! You want to have a bit of fun? Look no further; you've found the right girl.

Meet Rickets.

You thought you were afraid of clowns before... Check out this pawn in the twisted game played at the circus.

Meet Xavier

The Magic Man always has a plan. Xavier will show you an illusion you'll never forget.

Meet Freddy

Freddy's blade never misses, but will the wild card be enough to get him through this dangerous web we have weaved?

Meet Dmitri

And the best is for last. Have you ever seen someone more handsome? The Lion Tamer can tame any beast. Dmitri is a god amongst Carnies, but can a god survive the circus...

The circus is fun for all, unless you're apart of the background. Come see how the circus is really run, and who can get away with what.
March 26th, 2016 at 04:51pm