Kota's Easter Basket Giveaway!

Hello and Happy Easter, everyone! I've been inactive, but what better way to get back into everything than with a giveaway?
I haven't noticed any other Easter basket giveaways, but decided to put my bunny ears on and do my own. Please feel free to participate and share this!

The Easter bunny has decided that in order to ensure that there's enough candy for everyone, each person may select up to three treats!

The Choices:

Creme egg: a comment on up to three of your poems.

Chocolate egg: a comment on up to two photos.

Peeps: a comment on up to three stories with a total word count under 5,000 per story.

Marshmallow egg: a comment on up to two stories with a word count up to 10,000 per story.

Jelly bean: a comment on one story with a word count of over 10,000.

Cupcake: a friend request, user rec, and a photo comment.

Marshmallow bunny: a blog recommending one of your stories/poems.

Bubblegum egg: a comment on up to three blogs.

Chocolate bunny: a story written just for you.

PRIZE DETAILS: If you choose for me to comment on anything, please link me to the item you had in mind! Comments will be detailed and at least 100 words for stories, at least 50 words for poems and blogs as these are typically shorter, and at least 25 words for photos as I don't want to make myself come off as a creep. If you choose for me to write a story for you, fill in the form below. If you choose for me to write a story for you, I will only write original fiction. If you don't follow these you may not get your prize.

Rating (choose any and I will follow it):
Any characters you'd like included (names and/or descriptions, including yourself if you wish to be in this story)
Any plot points you'd like included (specific events that should occur):
A general idea of what the story should be about (if you had anything in mind):
A link to a layout IF you wish for it to have a layout (I will not make one as i can't do layouts):
Any other information you'd like to provide:

Thank you for participating!
March 27th, 2016 at 11:59pm