Exciting News!

So, in my last blog, I hinted at exciting news, to be shared later, so I think it's time to share it.

I'm pregnant! Yay! A new Mibbian is born...

Well, sorta, but it sounds cool so its necessary to say it like that.


This is the most recent sonogram we have, I have another appointment on Wednesday.

I'm still ridiculously neverous and everythings going crazy it seems.

Also, his parents want us to give it to his sister who can't have kids. Uh, just no.

Uh..... I feel like I was going to say so much more....

i can't remember anymore...

So, uh.

The names we like are Artemis Sage for a boy. And Alara (he doesn't accept my middle name suggestions) for a girl.

Either way they're getting his name as a second middle name. So they have to have a perfect sounding first two, so I can mentally handle his name not flowing with ANYTHING.

Anyway. Uhm...

Any exciting news for anyone else?
April 24th, 2016 at 11:14pm