How Do You Read? (A Survey)


1. The worst reading experience that you have ever had?

Living Violet. I bought this book on sale at Target about 4 or 5 years ago and it is the first and only book I started and couldn't see through til the end. I really wanted to like it because it was actually an interesting concept - the guy is succubus or something - but there wasn't anything I liked about it and I found the characters really unlikable. I kept it for like a year, and every once in a while, I'd pick it up to try again, and then like a few chapters in, I'd quit again.

2. The best reading experience you have ever had?

I can't pinpoint any specific 'best reading experience' but I've had the best reading experiences while reading fanfiction on the internet. Probably the first story that ever made me cry (like serious, needed-to-take-several-breaks-while-reading cry) was a fanfiction.

I feel like how hard a piece makes your cry is the litmus test for good reads.

3. Which book has affected or influenced you the most so far?

I think I get influenced by every book I read and enjoy. I literally read a book and then I want to turn into that author. Most recently, it's probably been any book I've read by Richard Kadrey. Whenever I read one of his books, I get inspired by all of the ideas he introduces me too.

4. Have you ever read a book that you got really scared of?

Pretty much any good dystopian novel ends up giving me nightmares. I had a few bad nightmares while reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I also had a few good nightmares from Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. But these were all good nightmares. They made me feel sick and got my heart pumping and I had to get up and turn on the lights in my room and then stay awake until daybreak, but those are the best kind of nightmares.

5. What do you use as a bookmark?

I've made the switch to e-readers, so I don't use bookmarks very often. When I do read paperbooks, I'm dog-ear person.

6. When do you usually read? At home, work, while cooking, in the morning, noon, afternoon, before you go to bed...?

I usually read at home in bed. If I'm reading during the day, it's usually during my commute if I'm on public transportation.

7. Do you remember the first book that you read?

I actually had to call my mom and ask. The first book I read through was a 'Danny the Dinosaur' book.

8. Which do you prefer - paperback or hardcover?

Aesthetically: hardcover; Realistically: paperback. Hardcovers are so beautiful and sturdy, but they're too heavy for reading in bed and too heavy for travel.

9. What are you currently reading? What page are you on?

I'm reading You Are Dead (Sign Here Please) by Andrew Stanek. I'm on page 43 which is 22% through.

11. Does the title, amount of pages and the cover affect you when you are considering a specific book?

If I'm browsing for books, I have to admit, I'm attracted to nice covers and interesting titles. That's what lures me into checking out a book summary.

12. Do you ever browse through to the last pages in order find out the ending?

NEVER! I like reading the story in order. I never peep. I never want spoilers. Even if the tension is unbearable, I don't want to know until I get there. Sometimes as I'm reading, I even have to block the lines below the line I'm currently reading so I don't accidentally spoil it for myself.

13. Have knowing the ending of a book (example, through spoilers or a movie) ever made you decide whether you will read the book or not?

I don't think I've ever had a book's ending spoiled for me. I think it's a lot harder to encounter book spoilers than it is to encounter movie spoilers. If I did though, I'd probably decide to keep reading if I liked the writing.

14. Is there a book that you have read more than five times?

I don't think so. Sometimes I revisit my favorite books, but I just skip over to my favorite parts and read those bits.

15. Have you ever been in an accident where the book was the cause? (for example, almost getting hit by a car when reading while walking, or having stacks of books falling on you from a bookshelf...)

I've fallen off of chairs, off my bed, off other things that should not be stepped on, trying to reach books. I think the worst thing though was when I accidentally dropped a book on my dog's head and he was a little dopey for a few minutes after. (Luckily he was eventually fine, but I think he did get a little concussed.)

16. Do you sell/give away your books or do you keep them, even though you don't like one of them?

I usually keep all my books until it's time to move all my books and then I make weak attempts to get rid of some. Whenever I move house, I usually end up getting rid of about 20 books, which isn't even a dent in the collection.

Growing up, I'd end up with double copies of Harry Potter books because my sister and I always wanted to read the new book as soon as it came out, so a few years ago, I actually had a full HP collection that I sold.

17. Do you bring with you the book when needing to use the toilet? Do you ever read in the bathroom?

I never read in the bathroom. I have to concentrate on the pooping.

18. Do you have some kind of book system, where you write down what you are reading, have bought, will read, will buy and etc?

Nope. I wish I did. I often try to keep note of what I'm reading (through Goodreads and the Reading Wishlist), but sometimes I read quicker than I keep note and it never really works out.

19. Do you keep a reading diary/journal?

Nope. I actually never thought of doing that. Maybe I'll try to now.

* Questions from Goodreads.
May 6th, 2016 at 04:26am