Dalshabet Has My Heart

I love this group so much I had to write it out in a blog post, haha.

Dalshabet has been a longtime girl group favorite of mine in K-Pop. A lot of their songs are catchy and cute (especially their older songs.) PINKU ROCKET PINKU ROCKET!!

*ahem* One of their newer songs 'Someone Like You' came out in January and I'm still jamming to it. The song didn't catch me as much as 'Joker', but the video is SO MUCH BETTER!

Joker was overly sexy and made me laugh a little bit. I'm sure I wasn't supposed to laugh, but it was just so over the top that I didn't believe it. I have no problem with sexy concepts. My problem is boring sexy concepts. I understand they were trying to tie in Harley Quinn and the Joker but I think the company was using it as a crutch for provocative clothing and dance moves. Hey, Korean music company. Harley Quinn wore a full bodysuit, just saying.

You can do better, I know you can. And they ended up proving it later on with 'Someone Like You.'

Holy freaking Hell, Batman. This video is so amazing. It's more of a cute and sexy concept mixed together. There's just so many things that were done right with this video.

I love the dance in this video. Especially the part where they're all in jeans and jackets and they open the jackets up and move their chest around. It was SO HOT and sexy without even trying. It didn't feel like they were just using cop out moves to get higher views with their video. They looked so confident and sexy.

The other thing I loved was when they were in the gym. They looked so badass and majestic while they were using the ribbons or the boxing gloves. They took that part seriously and looked so amazing. They weren't acting stupid like oopsie I fell, or oopsie I'm an idiot. How do I use this?

AOA I'm looking at you for that one.

The ending is one of my favorite parts of the video. I'm not sure why the stylist chose prom dresses for the girls to be in, but it just makes the scene even more awesome, in my opinion. It's so out there. They just bust into the club dressed up in prom dresses and carrying confetti guns. How awesome is that?? I think the actor's face when the girls shot the confetti guns at him was priceless. He looked so dumbfounded and confused as to what was going on. It was the best.

But anyway, those are my thoughts. Tell me what you think and which Dalshabet video you prefer.
May 12th, 2016 at 02:33pm