Mibba vs Wattpad

Hi guys!

Now I'm not sure if you guys know/have used Wattpad, but since I technically have accounts on both sites, I'd like to do a little comparison of my experiences! And I hope you guys will share yours too! Image

I think I'll start of with what I like most about Mibs, and then go from there.

So first, I think the organization of the site is so much easier to use and nicer to look at. I think my favourite thing about it is the blog section- I love the blogs! They're very fun to lurk through, it's a lot easier to make friends on this website, and you can get a better glimpse of some of the users.

Wattpad doesn't have this feature- it has forums, but even Wattpad admits they're very poorly constructed, a lot of it is just random people sprouting quite random stuff, not something I was too keen on, honestly. The forums of Mibba are way better organized and have a lot more substance- and I don't even use them! Image

The layout feature- also a huge plus. I like having that freedom, I never see any other writing sites with it, and it's fun to set a mood to your story before it's even begun. Wattpad has covers, but it's not the same.

Wattpad covers are also a way bigger thing than story avatars here. A cover can make or break your story- kind of like a layout! So you can still be sort of creative with your story, which is nice. You still have some options.

The stories appear to be of a lot higher quality here- I think that could be because a lot of the users are older. Wattpad is the new Quizilla, it's where 12 year olds get their start in the writing world. Not saying that 12 year olds can't have fantastic stories, but a lot of them are like myself at 12, and they're less than stellar. Which is fine! We all start somewhere. Image

That's not to say that they don't have some great stories- some are ah-mazing. If you find the right authors, you can be sucked right in.

I do like that they have more rom-coms though, that's where my heart is and so they have a lot more happier, brighter type stories than I tend to find on Mibba? Mibba has a lot of beautiful, but a little more serious stories.

Also in that, I really like having the What's Hot! list. It's fun, kind of like Mibba's star system, it's kind of nice to have some milestones to achieve. Also it really gets your story out there! My story's reads sky-rocketed after I ranked really high on one of the lists.

I think one of my favourite things about Wattpad is how active it is! This goes with the list, and the reads, but there's such a way bigger scope there. On Mibba, the audience is pretty small. My story, which I can say was pretty popular, had 1000+ reads on Mibba, that's not a lot for Wattpad.

My story is like, 130000 reads, and it's only going up! I'm getting between 15K-20K an update, and I've still got about 10 chapters to go! There's a way bigger feedback loop, and even if it's not very deep, it's nice to see people are reading your story. I like checking my phone and I have 100+ notifications and going through them while eating cereal, and reading people's thoughts, and seeing that people took the time to vote and follow me is really nice. Image

I think that's why I post there now, because for me, it was so much easier to get feedback. I am writing a teen romantic comedy, which is something that's big on Wattpad, so that does contribute to it. I don't think that's as big on Mibba.

I miss the slash community on Mibba though. I haven't written it in such a long time, my newest story isn't slash, but I'm thinking I might want to? Try again? I don't know if Mibba's receptive to that anymore though.

I'm also a lot more active on Wattpad though because people are so active with my story, so I've been posting pretty regularly, and I haven't finished a story since Homophobe! And that was so long ago! I'm so close to finishing my third book in my life, and I'm so excited!

So I guess while Mibba organizationally appeals a lot more to me, I think content-wise Wattpad is where I've found my home. I still like to lurk Mibba's blogs, but I think I'm a Wattpadian now.
May 13th, 2016 at 02:13am