I am the proud owner of...

An ipod!!!

Now I hear you all saying "Well duh I have had one for aaaaaaaages".

But you see I had one to, I saved up for it. It was green and beautiful AND THEN MY MUM WASHED IT. It was in my bed you see and she washed it while I was out.

But today my loverly dad took me out with the cover of 'going to buy a birthday present' since it is my mum's birthday tomorrow and got me a new one. You see I thought you know she wrecked it she should pay for the new one, but I really don't think she was going to get it.

Dad knew that and so he took me to the mall and then to the electrical shop, (who's name I can'tspell so I won't even try) and got me one. I didn't even know we were going there.

I love my dad- and no I am not some spoiled kid who is sayng that because he bought me something. I really do love him, he is the nicest person I know, he does everything for our family- even if he is a workaholic and comes home late.

He is just so nice, I helped him sort the washing just now and I told him that. He thinks I am being silly but i am serious I hope I grow up to be half as good a person as him!
October 14th, 2007 at 03:03pm