A (Personal) Question for the LGBTQ+ Community

So I'm planning on writing a story for a contest (Ella's Robot Contest actually) and it's going to be about coming out as gay and coming to terms with yourself and self-love and all that. Instead of watching YT videos and doing research, I thought I'd just ask Mibba - if it's not too personal.

I mean, it is a personal question so if you feel more comfortable PMing me, that's totally okay.

And anyone can answer this too, whether you're gay or bi or trans or asexual or pansexual etc, I wanna know your experiences as well.

1. When you first realised you were LGBTQ+, what were your initial feelings?

2. Was it a process to accept yourself or was it more of a 'okay now that I know who I am, I feel instantly better'?

3. How did you come out to others (if you did?)

Thank you to anyone who chooses to share, it really would help me out and hopefully it helps you too!
May 25th, 2016 at 12:54pm