It's not very often that I put off a piece of English Coursework... It's one of the only subjects I can stand in school.

But this is not English... no, it's English LITERATURE *shudders*

And I hate it... I really do. And to top it all off, guess what our coursework is?

Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Now, it's not a bad play, It is one of the best of Shakespeare's in my opinion.

But evaluating it is like poking rusty nails into your eyes... it's just that fun.

I have the coursework title: "Who Was To Blame For The Death Of King Duncan?"

Where I basically have to blame EVERYONE! Even Duncan! [Which is totally stupid, but true]

So I'm sitting here wondering how long I can keep putting it off... I've managed it for two weeks and now It's due in two days. O_O

So does anyone have any tips for keeping yourself concentrated on something?
Or does anyone have experience with this particular coursework?

Well anyway... I think that's enough of my ranting for one day... Off to write about Macbeth. *rolls eyes*
October 15th, 2007 at 02:13am