What Scares Me

Day 17 of blog challenge : what scares me.

I have to say this challenge is really making my month go by faster and I love it. Anyways,

1. Death. I'm scared of dying in an unpeaceful way. After my accident where i really thought i was going to die, this has only worsened my fear. I'm afraid I won't be here for my daughter.
But most of all I'm afraid I'll die with a lot of regrets.

2. I'm scared of not being happy ever. I've made so many mistakes that put me in a position I'm not sure I want to be in. But it's so hard for me to speak up for myself and do what's best for me, that I let myself be trapped. I'm worried I won't ever find my courage to break free.

3. Raising a child. I'm worried what the world might try to do to my daughter. I'm worried about all the bad people out there and hope I can protect her.

4. Losing someone close. Again, death scares me that I might lose someone I love which I haven't experienced yet and that terrifies me.

5. That Skittles will be discontinued one day.

6. That I'll never get to travel.

7. I'll never get to be with the person I really want to be with.

Yeah :P
May 31st, 2016 at 12:44am