Disrespecting Parents

day 18 of blog challenge : disrespecting parents.

I'm not exactly sure what the prompt of this is supposed to mean, but whatever. I guess it's my view on disrespecting my parents. Well for starters, I don't really. If I talked to my parents the way kids do now a days I would've been dead a long time ago, seriously.

I love my parents so I try not to pick a fight with them even though my mom is the main to start fights. We've had plenty of arguments and many times I've threatened to stop talking to her but I didn't. She's a psychopath sometimes though.

My dad, I'm just plain terrified to disrespect him lol. He's SCARY.

From the time I was a teen my mom freely let me have permission to curse but even then I felt wrong cussing in front of her.

I don't know what else to add I mean I try to be a good kid for them and not mess up too badly, even though I haven't done such a great job so far. I think the younger generation needs a little reminder on respect because I just can't believe how they talk to their parents and people in general ugh.

I believe in spankings.
June 1st, 2016 at 01:32am