I Hate 'What If?'

Day 23 of blog challenge : things you wonder what if about often?

I hate what ifs because nothing messes you up more than the image of how it's supposed to be you feel me?

I have a thousand what ifs that plague me everyday. I'll try not to make it too depressing.

1. What if my parents actually got along and never divorced

2. What if I actually would've tried out for cheerleading in school.

3. What if I grew up in spot and never moved a million times.

4. What if Selena never died.

5. What if Skittles were never invented

6. What if my ex didn't turn out to be a jerk

7. What if I never met my current boyfriend now

8. What if we actually get around to inventing instant meals like the ones in Spy Kids (it's 2016 hurry the hell up technology)

9. What if death really is like The Black Parade

10. What if I was married to Scott Eastwood

11. What if I never get to travel.

12. What if my kid grows up to change the world.

13. What if I actually came up with good reasons.
June 5th, 2016 at 10:51pm