Friends Appreciation Blog (FAB)

OKAY SO I wrote a blog about this previously ft everyone I love and appreciate in my Mibba fam and now I'm doing an updated version per say, ie people I've gotten to know and have become friends with since writing that blog. I'm not going to list people I'm already pals with (you know who you are) (ily) because too much writing LOL.

I wanted to start off though by talking about my irl friends, my two best friends who I went to high school with and we've pretty much been friends for six years or so.

So if you didn't know, I'm curry (ie I'm the brown girl in his pic). My bestest friend, Steph, is the one hugging me and my other best friend who's posing in front of us like a lunatic is Emma.

Steph is really fucking chill. She's non-judgemental and we share similar interests in books, music, what we want in life, our expensive tastes, MAKEUP, and we have a mutual understanding of deeper shit which is nice. She's super loyal and honest and occasionally she's funny. She's just a great friend to have in your life. A+ TO YOU.

Emma is one of those friends who place family and friendship beyond all else. She's like the mother hen of our group, she takes control and decides things for us and sometimes it's annoying but for the most part I do enjoy it because Steph and I are bad at decision making, LOL. She's also super loyal and honest and if you have an issue, it's easy to talk to her because she always provides a side that you haven't thought of and really helps you to see both sides of the situation, no matter how stubborn you (as in me) want to be. She has her blonde moments but she occasionally has good calls and she's a laugh to be around. Top friend.

OKAY NOW FOR MIBBA FRIENDS (in no particular order)
(I wish we had a squad photo)

ELLA - inej ghafa - ella is really fucking sweet and kind and made up of sugar and spice and everything nice. But she's kinda feisty too which I didn't really pick up until I got to know her better and it's one of my favourite things about her tbh Image One of the things I really admire about Ella is her graphic design skills, especially when it comes to making aesthetics. Every time she says 'you wanna see an aesthetic' I get so excited bc I fucking love her aesthetics Image. Another thing I like about Ella are her trademark sayings: "do it" (though this is a recurring phrase in our squad), she sends the cutest lil sticker that says "you can do it" when one of us is struggling to do something, she always got cute animal photos / videos, and yes okay that's it tldr: i love ella she's great I'm glad we have got to know each other better in these last few months

VIC - nearly witches. - vic is so fucking funny like you wouldn't believe. I mean, you can see it in her blogs and stuff but talking to her is always a riot because she has the funniest stories to tell and everything that comes out of her mouth is so witty and partially sarcastic but hilarious. Always fun to talk to Vic. v much enjoy it. I also like discussing with Vic (ft Kimi) about how her weather sucks because she burns in 22 degrees Celsius whereas me and Kimi are over here like, Image Image

KIMI - balani - guys. GUYS. KIMI. Okay. Many things to say. When I first started talking to Kimi I thought she was older because she's so mature and writes super eloquently and I was like damn girl how old R U and then I found out she was 17 which isn't a big deal but my sister's turning 17 and my sister is annoying but Kimi isn't annoying anyways went off on a tangent there BACK TO THE MAIN POINT KIMI'S COOL. I love how honest she is, we have a similar sense of blunt kinda sarcastic usually hilarious humour. Her memes are fucking hilarious and her snapchats ft her mum (lowkey love her mum Image) lit make me tear up from laughing so hard. It's so fun to be conversing with Kimi and one second we're talking about serious shit and then she'll switch to 'GUYS THERE'S A COCKROACH CLIMBING OVER ME' Image Kimi's a lil shy at first but once you get to know her she's super funny and easy going and I love talking to her. Top pal. 10/10 would recc to others.

Okay I thought I was going to cringe all the way through writing that LOL but I've done alright. And then here are some quick shoutouts to people I've been getting to know / would like to know more bc they seem cool and I'd like to be less intimidated by them when I talk to them Image

FAE - kaz brekker - she was mentioned in my last blog too and look I am still lowkey intimidated by her but I am going to make us talk more THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. ALSO shoutout to Calli for making the Night Owls Chat bc I don't think before then we spoke much? Except when I asked her to make me layouts Image

CALLI - She Said Poptarts - Calli is so cool and sweet and I love how she just tells shit like it is. Just being honest, quietly doing her thing, bless u Calli I hope one day I can be as half as cool as you are.

EL - lungsmoke - Another person I didn't talk to much before the Night Owls chat but ahh ily El, her story comments are the fucking bomb (as well as her graphic design skills DAMN) and she's so nice and friendly and approachable and god bless u too

OKAY I THINK I'm done fangirling about everyone in this blog. Check them out, they're lovely af and I feel like I'm missing out on something else to say LOL. OH. I'm behind on Mibba alerts like msgs and shit but I'm getting around to them, slowly but surely!
June 6th, 2016 at 02:02pm