Beliefs & Religion

Day 26: my religious beliefs.

I'm not putting all my beliefs on here because i don't want to get accused of bashing or starting an argument so I'll keep this basic.

Do I believe in religion? Yes and no.

I'm more spiritual than religious to be honest. I try to practice the basics : be a good person, help people & help the world. I don't really confine myself to certain rules so it's up in the air really.

I suppose I identify with Buddhism the most but I don't practice it fully, although I would like to sometime in the future. There's just so much hypocrisy I've dealt with that it's just opened a different perspective for me.

I'm definitely more spiritual than my boyfriend who's atheist. So talking with so many people it's made me wonder about religion. I hate even talking about religion to be honest, it always causes an argument so I don't even bother. I'd rather just keep my beliefs to myself and wish other people would too.
June 9th, 2016 at 12:10am