Siblings I Wish I Had

Day 26 of blog challenge : talk about your siblings.

Well this awkward because I have only a half brother. He's 6 and from my dad. But I never see him much so I'm not close to him because he mainly stays with his mom.

So for majority of my life I've been an only child. I admit I wish I had an older brother or sister. It would've been nice to have someone protect me when I needed it growing up and dealing with bullies and heartbreaks. I know not every sibling relationship is magical, but I really do wish for an older sibling.

I have an older half brother but I've never met him and know absolutely nothing about him because he wants nothing to do with my father. He's several years older than me apparently but I have no way of contacting him or if he'd be even interested in having a relationship with me. Which sucks because that's what I've always wanted.

To say my family is a broken one is an understatement.
June 9th, 2016 at 11:37pm