Last One

Day 30 of blog challenge: what happened this month and what you hope will happen next month.

I feel like just answered this question -_- if I must repeat myself...

I previously put that the only real good thing to happen this month is that on the 30th my boyfriend will have finally graduated from his academy of becoming a correctional officer.

With that being done, we'll have a better income and greater chance of finding our own house. We've been waiting for this opportunity for about two years now so it's exciting for him to be done with training and actually start working at the end of the month.

Tbis changed our situation because we're finally close to not having to live with his damn family anymore. First it was his grandparents and almost leaving him after his grandma's bullshit we went to live with his mom and her fiancé which hasn't been too bad.

So yeah.

What I hope will happen next month is that I'll be back to working I finishing up getting my cosmetology license. I already graduated beauty school but need to pass my actual exam. I've failed twice so far because of baaaaaad anxiety and it's set me back so far. I'm looking to training with my former teacher again to help me pass this time. Since I really want to do makeup id rather have my license as well.

Hopefully this won't be a frigging challenge like the last couple times.
June 12th, 2016 at 08:36pm