Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough. Help End Gun Violence.

I've been resisting the urge to post anywhere on social media about the Orlando shooting, but fuck it. I feel like there are things that need to be said, and I am too overwhelmingly sad and angry about the situation.

First things first: DO NOT villainous Muslim or Islamic people. Do not be like Donald Trump and take the blood of LGBT people and use it as ammunition for your islamophobia.

But anyway, to the point.

I am so fucking tired of this hipocracy in America. I'm sick and tired of it. In fact, after this, I'm downright sad about it. What happened at Orlando was the largest mass shooting in America; it was an act of hate, inspired by the simple fact that she shooter simply saw two men kissing.

Dear representatives, senators, presidential candidates, congressmen, and everyone in between: Your "thoughts and prayers" are not enough. They're never going to be enough. You need to help end gun violence.

Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell received almost $1M from the NRA. He voted against legislation that would bar people on a terrorist watch list from buying guns. All he had to say on the biggest shooting in American History was this: "The nations thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families in the wake of this terrible tragedy." So far, he has done nothing to end gun violence in America. His thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Kansas Senator, Pat Roberts, has received over $300K from the NRA. All he had to say was this: "[My wife,] Franki and I send our thoughts and prayers to the victims of today's horrific violence and their loved ones." He has, just as many others, done absolutely nothing to put an end to gun violence in America.

Colorado Senator, Cory Gardner, received $1.5M dollars from the NRA. His response to the shooting was this: "Jaime & I are mourning the lives lost in Orlando & are praying for the wounded. Our hearts ache for the families of the victims."

Your thoughts and prayers are not enough. These men are not the only ones who have accepted money from the NRA and other pro-gun groups, who have yet to do anything that actually helps end gun violence (to add, they haven't even done anything to support and help make people more educated on guns either). These men are taking money from people who allow these things to continue, who will sit there to their last breath as people are shot left and right because they care too much about their absolute second amendment rights.

Your thoughts and prayers will never be enough, not for the 50 lives lost and the 53 who were injured in Orlando. Your thoughts and prayers will not be enough for the countless number of families and friends who were affected by tragedy today. Your thoughts and prayers will not be enough until you start DOING something, and stop taking money from the people who allow these things to continue.

This is not the fault of Islamic people or Muslims. This is the fault of our government, and the fact that we cannot stop mass shootings somehow. Canada has had 8 in the last 20 years. There have been 7 in the last week in the US.

I am so sick of these (primarily republican) politicians taking incidents like this with a grain of salt. Not only was this a mass shooting, it was an act of hatred; it was an act of homophobia, transphobia, and a general disdain for the LGBT community. For years, from Fire Island to the Stonewall Riots, to now, LGBT people have been abused, discriminated against, and downright murdered for being LGBT. Republicans have tried their damndest to make it easier to do so, and it's disgusting. I'm tired of it.


Donate to Planting Peace to support victims and their families, or donate to Equality Florida. If you actually live in the Orlando area, OneBlood is taking donations, as they are in great need.

I'm out.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention this, but today a man from Indiana on his way to LA Pride was pulled over and arrested with an assault rifle and explosives in his car. Today almost became the day were two of America's biggest mass murders happened, both of which would have been against LGBT people. I'm so glad that they caught him, but this just further supports my point that we. Need. Stronger. Gun laws.
June 13th, 2016 at 01:18am