Queen's Birthday Weekend Shenanigans

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So in Aus we celebrate the queen's birthday (not the current one but like one of the older ones idk which one though lmao) and apparently every state recognises her birthday on different days (again idk??) so our state recognises her bday on the second monday of June and whenever there's a public holidays clubs like to cash in on that shit so let's just say sunday night (ie the night my friends and I went out) the clubs were POPPIN'. Not that we ended up going to any clubs per say but I think the point of this little story was that the city was poppin' tonight because three day weekend. So naturally because of this three day weekend my friends and I decided to go out but one friend (Emma) (will use names b/c they're never gonna see this lmao) graduated from uni this semester and I finished my exams hella early. SO.

We start our tale where my best friend (Steph) picks me up and we head to Emma's house who lives like 40 mins away, I still have leftover vodka from my 21st so I start the party early and have regrets because I forgot what pure vodka tastes like (LOL). We pick her up, head to the hotel but not before getting lost because Emma likes to navigate from the back seat even though she has a vague idea of where we're going vs Steph who's using Google Maps. So bit of a fight ensued and I'm just sittin' in the front seat chilling. ANYWAYS. We eventually get to the hotel, just our luck hotel parking is full so we gotta pay $22 for fucking one day parking (city private parking is lit ridic), go for dinner, come back, do our makeup, start getting ready for the night.

JUST OUR LUCK THOUGH Emma's hair straightener fkn blows a fuse so we get out the iron and actually start ironing her hair. It works. Wouldn't recommend but it lit works if you don't have a straightener on you. Steph helped me to bronze and highlight my face and it looked so fkn good if I say so myself.

OH AND okay so we bought lemons and salt to take tequila shots with but the hotel didn't provide a knife so we had to use a spoon to cut it in half lmao. Broke girl probs.

I just wore a black dress and boots but lit I looked like the sixth spice girl: curry spice Image but I looked p darn cute if I say so myself, SO.

Now onto the actual part of the night ~ (sorry if this is boring I just like to document my night in case I forget in the future and I like having records of my nights in excruciating detail)

It's about 9.45ish when we leave the hotel, me and Steph have a lovely buzz going on while Emma is smashed. It takes a bit for the alcohol to hit her so she tends to keep drinking even though she probably shouldn't. We went to the strippers ie Em and I's first time to the strippers - and it was pretty decent but kinda boring b/c it was female strippers and like, while I totally appreciate their bodies and all, I didn't find it sexually appealing to me. TBH all I wanted to know was their workout routines because guys. GUYS. THEIR BOOTIES WERE SUCH GOALS I WAS SO JEALOUS.

After the strippers we head to Crown, which is like a huge entertainment complex in my city. It has a few hotels, gambling, a few clubs, a shit ton of restaurants, shops and bars, it's just a cool place to go if you got cash moola to spend. The plan was to go to a bar there and keep the drinks flowing and potentially meet up with Steph's step-cousin who I'd met briefly a few years ago but as soon as we got there, the drinks really hit Em and she was all stumbling and falling all over the place. At one point we were sitting next to some shrub and she fell back and wanted to sleep. GUYS IT WAS ONLY LIKE 10.30 OKAY THIS IS TOO EARLY TO BE THAT DRUNK

So naturally Steph and I decided to take her home but my lord the whole way back Steph was taking her and holding her (I helped a little) but for some reason I thought it was a smart idea to text my ex boyfriend?? tf??????? I msged him on insta b/c I got him blocked everywhere else and I was like 'HEY I forgive you for going to the strippers while we were together because they're actually really fun' but I didn't get a private lapdance either like he did so idk why tf I even said that but then I went on about how I hoped he was doing well and then he added me on snap and guys. GUYS. HE FINALLY APOLOGISED FOR BEING EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATIVE AND VINDICTIVE. YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW LONG I'VE BEEN LOWKEY WAITING FOR AN APOLOGY BECAUSE HE WAS SUCH A POO WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER AND OH MY LORD I USED TO BLAME MYSELF SO MUCH.

But when I got out of the relo I knew that a lot of it was his fault so like I didn't blame myself then and he was like 'don't blame yourself b/c it wasn't you a lot of it was me' and I was like 'good b/c I wasn't blaming myself' HA. I said some other shit too but it was all fuzzy and when I woke up this morning I saw he deleted me off snapchat lmao idk why he'd do that but whatever floats his boat, I ain't complaining ~

OH. And I finally got to say how I've lost 10kg since being with him and how I workout so much and he teased that I was a 'slut' now (I put slut in quotation marks b/c I don't believe in the use of the word) and I was like 'uh no I told you during our relo I wouldn't sleep with anyone if I wasn't in a relo and I'm not gonna do it now'. Mind you, my plan was to bring back someone that night (LOL) but who knows if I would've gone through with it in the end. Sexy times defs would've happened though because it's been a while guys. Lemme just say that.

We dropped Em back at the hotel, somehow got her to go to sleep after she chucked up the alco and whatever else she'd eaten, had another drink or two and then we went back to Crown to meet up with Steph's cousin, Jordan. Except we got lost and 10 mins into walking we were like 'this is taking an awfully long time' and then we realised we were going the wrong way, LOL. Eventually we see Jordan and I'm formally introduced to him and okay side note Jordan and Steph are part of a massive greek group that's got like 20 people and they're all friends and Emma met them and all this drama happened and basically Em would badmouth them to me so all I'd hear is her biased opinions so I was wary to meet them b/c of said opinions BUT jordan was really nice! and friendly and cool and I didn't understand the bias tbh because he seemed chill so I didn't get it. But then again he was also sober and not in that group mentality so there's that too.

(side side note this blog is at like 1300 words already I'm gonna try rush through this)

So it was us 3 for a bit and then Jordan ended up picking up this chick (though they didn't hook up) (and it turned out that they actually had met before lmao so that was cool) and so Steph and I hung out with the chick's friend so she wasn't thirdwheeling and this was all in this bar in Crown which was catered to 18+ but like it was a mixture of young and old people, which idk is kinda more fun than a club because clubs are about everyone sexing all over the place and bars are just fun to let loose and be idiotic. My dance moves are nothing to be proud of but a guy did try and approach me and I gave him the onceover and for once I was nice (LOL) and smiled and said no ty and that was the closest I got to any guy action but that's okay, that was a nice lil ego boost even though he was not cute at all HA. Anyways we spend quite a bit of time there and then Steph's other friend and Jordan's good mate Chris comes along. Chris is an interesting fellow. I'm not gonna say anything more but let's just say that before I met him I had v biased opinions against him and after meeting him I'm so conflicted because on one hand I think he's super chill and took my rude comments well (but then I ended up apologising if I made him uncomfortable and he said it was fine so hopefully we're good) but on the other hand he did something that really doesn't align with my morals so I'm like ????? After seeing how chill and cool he was though I decided that I should stop judging people for their choices since I don't know them, probs won't hang out with them again and like, if it doesn't directly affect me then why should I care yknow. Obviously this logic doesn't apply to ALL situations but in this situation it definitely does. Okay. Moving on.

Went to gamble, had maccas, chilled out there before going our separate ways, Chris and Jordan decided to come back to our hotel with Steph and I and Em sleeping. The plan was that they were just gonna drop us off and hang out for 5, perhaps play a prank on Em b/c we're children who like to play pranks on poor unsuspecting drunk people and then go strippers round 2 after. So we get to the hotel, lit not even 30 seconds Em wakes up and she's a disorientated mess and she's questioning the boys' arrival b/c she does not like them lol, she was lit being so rude but it was kinda funny well everything's funny to me when you're drunk and in the situation but not really in the situation y'know.

Anyways we're tossing banter back and forth and shit gets said and basically okay so when I've said mean shit in the past I say it in a joking banterous way that lets everyone know I'm not entirely serious but when Emma says it, it comes across as v forceful and mean. So when Em said the same things I was saying Steph got pissed at her and basically there was a lot of angry tension in the room and we walked the boys out the hotel and as soon as they left OMG Steph went full blown angry at Emma and they were shouting so loudly in front of the hotel and meanwhile people are walking past and I'm like 'omg I am so not getting involved even though I'm listening to everything they're saying' so I went to chat w some Mibba pals (shoutout to you guys for keeping me sane and also vic no I'm not going to fight someone who's already fighting ok I'm gonna lose my friends are scary when they're mad)

Again I'm not going to go into the fight b/c this blog is getting so fucking long but basically Emma was saying shit she shouldn't have said and this was causing problems b/w Steph and Chris and Jordan and omg the fight was intense. And then we went to the hotel room and continued fighting and mind you we're all drunk, it's like 5am in the morning, they're still fighting while I'm getting changed and taking off my face and brushing my teeth and then Steph slams the door b/c she's gonna go fix her friendships with Chris and Jordan and then omg Emma starts complaining to me and then she was like 'Alex I'm really pissed that you brought these guys back to the room when I'm piss drunk like I don't understand why you did it' and I was like 'well tbh we weren't even thinking about you so'. NO FUCKS GIVEN ON MY END.

Like I got why she was mad but they weren't supposed to stay, we were gonna go out and then we changed our minds about going to the strippers so idk and then she was going on about how it was supposed to be girls' night but once we dropped off Emma at the hotel it became less about girls' night and more Alex and Steph night and Alex and Steph wanted to hang with some people so we did and ended up having a fucking awesome night. Which tbh and I know this is gonna sound horrible but if Emma had come it would've been shit because she complains about fucking everything and if I had to hear any more of her complaining I would've lit thrown her off a bridge because ugh UGH

Anyways Steph returned some time later, I told Em she fucked up, Em realised she fucked up, we sorted things out, kept talking til 7am, woke up at 8.30, got home around 11 and now I'm in bed typing this up and it's 2.44pm and I was a lil drunk this morning still but the hangover has set in but because I chugged my water bottle before I went to bed so I feel okay. Or it could be the powers of #curryspice LOL

So that was my night. Started off with minor drams, started strong, dropped friend off, night got better and better throughout the night, friends were fighting to top it off but because I wasn't really involved I was able to tune it out LOL so. I had a good night.

Would've been 10/10 if I'd gotten some action since I'm an innocent deprived girl but maybe next time I'll get some, haha! (aka keep your fingers crossed for me b/c mama needs some for the sake of her sanity) OK BYE
June 13th, 2016 at 06:48am