Lets Do This

So I always wanted to do something like this. I spent my youth reading and attempting to write books, only to get 3 chapters in and never go back. That has been though my entire life.

So I’m starting this blog, as of now it doesn’t have a lot of thought behind it. I just wanted a way to start writing. Write about my day, what I did and how I did it. Reviews about anything I’m doing or purchased. Maybes some how-to, and hopefully motivational writings as well as some creative stuff thrown in there as well. If I can finally get around to writing a story or poem (probably not). I just want to make a goal and start working towards it. And I might fail, but I would rather try and fail than to never try at all (some of that motivation I was talking about).

Let me introduce myself, I’m David, 27, my birthday is in August. I graduated school in 2007 and shortly after joined the United States Marine Corps. After 4 years I didn’t know where to go in life, so I left the USMC and moved back into my hometown and started college. I went to Valencia college (I was there when it switched from a community college to a straight out college). For the next couple of years, I was working on my B.A. in Criminal Justice. While I was going to school I met a woman who would be my girlfriend and best friend for the next couple of years. Then life started to happen, I made poor decisions and decided to get my in in order. That was when I rejoined the military, this time the US Army.

That leads me to now, I have been in the Army for roughly 1 month. I want to use this and probably other platforms to express myself and just start doing everything I wanted to.

As I said, right now everything is going to be kind of a mess. I plan on figuring out what I want to do and how I’m going to do it. I may do many post a day, a subject a day or break stuff up a to different topics on different days.

Till the next post -Roddy
June 19th, 2016 at 06:16am