30 Day Blog Challenge

Well, they seem fun. I need to blog more, and actually have something worth reading when I do. So, I am beginning this blog challenge.


Day One: Discuss my current relationship.

Well, I am married. I have been for six months now. I met my husband online. It took him six months to convince me to date him. Even though, I was the one who dropped the L bomb. He was talking to another girl at the time( Before we were dating), and I told him I loved him. I want him to myself, and she was terrible for him anyway. A month after we started dating he went off to basic training for the U.S. Army. Most of our relationship has been him away. While he was in the military we saw each other for two weeks every six months. It was terrible but, completely worth it. I love him, he is the best thing for me. He may not understand all of my problems, but he has always made an effort to try.

We have what most of our friends consider a very unconventional relationship. I have a lot of conservative, traditional friends. I am neither a house wife, nor a doting wife. He cleans up after himself, he is a grown ass man. I will get him something if he asks nicely. But, unlike some of my friends, if he were to ever order me around, he'd get a swift kick to reality. I clean, and he cleans. We are also very rude and sarcastic to each other. We play fight, a fuck ton. We actually concern one of our friends. We curse at each other and she is absolutely in awe that we do that.

We are also not touchy in public. While some of our friends have their girlfriends sit on their laps, I sit next to him, or even sometimes we sit on different couches at peoples houses. Listen, we live together. I don't need him in my space 24/7. I love him, but we both need space. We spend a lot of our time at home (mostly because, we are broke as hell) Him on his Xbox one, me on the computer. We show together some times, we cuddle on the couch every now and then. Sometimes I get needy, but for the most part we are content just knowing the other is in the area.

We don't like a lot of the same things. We share a similar taste in music. He got me into Rammstein. He absolutely hates Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. We both like to play video games. I like to read, he doesn't. I like horror movies. He thinks they are to predictable. We both listen to heavy metal. We don't like the same types of foods. If it's not smothered in cheese, I probably won't like it. He puts almost everything on a sandwich (even spaghetti).

I don't think he's funny. I laugh at him, but not with him most of the time. But, he's caring and respectful. He's responsible, and a hard worker. He loves with all his heart. I am honored to be the one he gives his love to.
June 20th, 2016 at 05:59am