Just You and Me (Ficmix)

Sam is one of my favourite people on Mibba, so I was super excited to get to ficmix Mitchum and Me. I've read this story a bunch of times and am impatiently waiting for her to update because it's just so great. Go read it if you haven't, it's fantastic.

I focused on the romance aspects of the story (again, classic me) because I'm thoroughly convinced that Callux and Janiya will end up together but just have a struggle going on right now and no one will tell me otherwise Image. But yeah, I mostly focused on their relationship as we see it now because that's just what I do. I quite like how it turned out, so I'm hoping I captured it okay!

You can find the playlist on my 8tracks here.


I Found - Amber Run
and I found love where it wasn't supposed to be
right in front of me
talk some sense to me

Be Together - Major Lazer
maybe if the stars align, maybe if our worlds collide
maybe on the dark side we could be together, be together
maybe in a million miles, on a highway through the stars
someday soon we'll be together

Roses - MacKenzie Bourg
cause roses are red
roses are red most the time
there’s love in my heart
there’s love in my heart knowing you’re mine
there’s no way out
there’s no way out of this mess
so darling, may I
help you get out of that dress?

Be Be Your Love - Rachael Yamagata
everybody's talking how I, can't, can't be your love
but I want, want, want to be your love
want to be your love, for real

Superman - Joe Brooks
If I could be your superman,
I'd fly you to the stars,
and back again.
'cause every time you touch my hand,
and you feel my powers, running through your veins.
but I can only write this song,
and tell you, That I'm not that strong.
'cause I'm no superman,
I hope you like me as I am

Electric Love - BORNS
baby, you're like lightning in a bottle
I can't let you go now that I got it
and all I need is to be struck by your electric love
baby, your electric love

Goodnight Moon - Go Radio
so goodnight moon and goodnight you
when you’re all that I think about
all that I dream about
how’d I ever breathe without
a goodnight kiss from goodnight you

Wildfire - Seafret
we are bound to each other's hearts,
cold, torn, and pulled apart
this love, is like wildfire,
and to my word now I'll be true,
I can't stop this breaking loose
this love, is like wildfire

The Girl - City and Colour
I think I might totally be lost
you don't ask for no diamond rings no delicate string of pearls
that's why I wrote this song to sing
my beautiful girl
June 21st, 2016 at 04:49pm