First day back.

Today, first day back at school. *le sigh*

Wasn't to bad, got to see all my friends, Heidi was unusually happy which was nice. I was also informed that I am a character in this gang/ movie thing. I am a telepathic, phycotic girl who discovers a secret government conspiracy. Should be just like being me... Not XD

I feel asleep in religion though, it was shit. We were watching some DVD about preists. Now don't think I am being dumb I like religion just this lesson was SHIT!

So school wasn'tthat bad, it is also my mums birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!
So I decided to be nice to her today, returning the favour would be nice!!!!1234567! Dad made her a pudding thing with a candle in it and we snag happy birthday and all that jazz and she walked away without blowing the candle out, I we were like calling her back and yelling and beng over dramatic so after like 3 minutes she came back.

Oh well, she just doesn't get it.
On a happier note I took some photo's of my formal dress. It's nice even if it is BROWN = GREEN and a DRESS. I think my mum is trying to turn me int a real girl or something.

Whaddya think?
October 15th, 2007 at 08:54pm