30 Day Blog Challenge- Day One

Lemme complete the first day of the blog challenge,by, telling you about my love life, with my amazing boyfriend.

So, what better way to return to mbba by joining a few challenges, to get me back into writing again? After all, its been 4 years…..too long! Therefore, I decided to take a chance at the blog challenge. Even though I’m not much of a blogger. Anyways, Day one, is to talk about your current relationship. Damn, get ready for a friken novel! I love my relationship I’ve been in now for 7 years so much, I can write a whole story about it. This guy I’ve been with for quite some time now, means the world to me. Hes not only my boyfriend but, hes also my best friend. Hes someone I can go to about anything ,and ,everything. He doesn’t judge me,even though there s plenty to be judged about. I love how caring he is, how, he makes me feel safe, and, secure. I love the fact we got so much in common, even the things most couples wouldn’t have in common with each other. I love how he can make me laugh,even when I’m close to crying, or no matter how much I feel like I’m breaking on the inside due to my issues. I love how important he makes me feel. Hes always telling me, how much I mean to him,and, how much he loves me,and, how glad he is I’m alive. I love how when I’m with him, a real smile appears on my face. I love how easy it is to talk to him. We can talk for hours! We may be in a long distance relationship, but, regardless of the miles, I feel pretty close to him. I really believe he’s my true love, for many,many reasons other then the tons I just mentioned above.
June 22nd, 2016 at 09:14am