30 Day Blog Challenge - Day Four: Your Views on Religion


Awh hell nawh, I know what kind of posts/opinions/debates this kinda shit opens up. Mhmm... nope, I can't. God damn blog challenge! WHY?!

I'ma do it... I'ma do it...


Okay, well... let's just start by saying the usual... blah blah, not here to criticize or judge anyone, blah blah...

When I was a child, I was forced to attend a Catholic church (rarely..) and attend a Christian bible camp for three summers of my life. Those were both decided for me and I didn't really care too much about the camp because I'd convince my best friend to come along and we were little shits so the hour or so of 'chapel' at night in camp was worth it.

Anyway, I do believe in God. I always have, and always will regardless of what others say, it's my choice and I strongly believe in God. HOWEVER, I am not 'religious'. I don't follow a bible, I don't read a bible and I also don't believe that I'm a "hypocrite" for believing in God but not wanting to suck some religions ass just to do so. You can believe in God but not follow a church and their beliefs, right? Fuck it, that's just me.

There's a quote I once found a few years ago, "Religion is the root of all evil."

Yeah, it really fucking is. Look at the WestBoro Baptist church for example. You're protesting at funerals, calling deceased people who died of tragedy 'rapists' and 'paedophiles' just because they don't agree with your views on God and your hardcore following of a man written bible. Look at everything really... wars, hate crimes, etc. Shit... and those people are suppose to be "holy" ? LOL fuck off.

Another thing I absolutely hate... Is people - religious or atheist - shoving their belief or their facts down others throats. Don't be that guy.

I don't really have anything else to say... each to their own, I guess.

I think I picked like the worst list of blog day entries XD Boooooring. /rambleramble
June 22nd, 2016 at 04:45pm