30 Day Blog Challenge - Day Five: Ending My Life


I've only thought about it when I was a kid. Yes, a kid. Sick, I know. I was subjected to bullying so bad due to a medical issue when I was 11 that I literally thought about suicide almost everyday of the school year.

I never told my parents because I didn't want them to pull me out of school because then I'd have no friends and I'd be missing out on things I enjoyed doing in school. It was a win/lose situation... I loved school, I hated the kids who would bully others. Which by the way, a good handful of them are in my DM's trying to hit on me now. Please, go fuck yourself.


Once I started seeing a doctor and taking proper medication, my skin cleared up and the bullying seemed to slowly stop. I almost wish I wasn't afraid of being in trouble by my parents if I would have just stood up for myself and punched those kids in their faces. Now that I think about it, I don't think my parents would have given me trouble if they knew that I was being bullied like I was.

I hope to God that my child never is subjected to bullying. Of course everyone goes through a part of life where they have to deal with bullies, but I'm going to teach my son how to ignore it and stand up for himself so that he never ever has the thoughts of suicide cross his mind.
June 23rd, 2016 at 08:00pm