Day 5, Crocs and Twitter

So, the other day I was working closing shift at my store. A man came in with his friend, and asked me if we sold flip flops. I told him yes and in the middle of my sentence, he very angrily said "They wouldn't let me in the titty bar because I'm wearing crocs." (Note: I hate that word, I despise that word. My husband uses it to annoy me and I especially hate it in stories) I laughed, I laughed hard and loud. I could not help it. So he found a pair of flip flops and was still complaining and I told him "I wouldn't let you in my house with crocs on." He asked me why I'd do that and that if these flip flops didn't get him in, he was coming back. I wished him good luck. It was fun, he was funny and it was a great end to my night.

I've been dying to share that with you guys.

Onward! I made a twitter, follow me. I made it a while back and I never used it, but I'd like to get back to using it again. @sunshinekleboy . I need more friends. I'm shamelessly asking for follows.

Now, for the main reason this blog was made.


My favorite comfort foods, and why?

This one is hard. I love anything smothered in cheese.

This won't be in any particular order.

- Pizza
I'm not very picky about my pizzas. If it's got cheese on it it's good to me. I usually pick anything other than pepperonis off of it. But, occasionally I'll eat a supreme.

- mac and cheese

Good old mac and cheese. It's been there for me for many a years. It's cheesy and it's pasta. Not much else to say about it. That's all I need in a good dinner or lunch.

- cheese burger
Something about a cheese burger, you guys. It's horrible for you, but so damn good. But, it has to be super cheesy and I don't like a lot of veggies on it. Meat, cheese and mayo. That's what I usually get when I order a burger, from anywhere. It just seems more cheesy and gooey without all the extra gunk.

- Sweets
My grandmother has a sweet tooth and I'm pretty sure I got it from her. I'm not a big chocolate fan though. I have to be in the mood for it. Usually when I am I prefer white chocolate. But, ice creams and cookies and cakes, that's the good stuff. I bake a lot as well, or I used too. When I get cravings for sweets, it's a deep, serious craving.

- Chinese Food
So, I used that picture because, it perfectly describes any reaction I've ever had towards the knowledge that I'll be having Chinese food for lunch or dinner. Something about the food makes it so yummy and comforting. It makes me sleepy. Which, is a good thing, because though I sleep a lot. A lot! I have a hard time falling asleep. So, Chinese food has always been there for me. It's so gooooood!
June 24th, 2016 at 01:28am