Interesting Story Stuff

So a few things have crossed my mind as far as writing stories on this website goes. First of all, there's been a sudden influx of recommendations on one of my stories that I posted two years ago. Which was like what? And it was also like yay? I was grateful nonetheless.

I've noticed that my stories with the most recommendations haven't been that ones that I'm most proud of. I have maybe four stories that I'm very satisfied with, and those seem to get the least amount of attention. Not that I'm complaining, I know this sounds very complain-y, but it's, as the title of this blog implies, interesting story stuff.

One of my stories which I think has been the most popular is one that I can't even read. It was only written two years ago, so it's not like this is some 2011 stuff that I should be ashamed of (those shameful 2011 stories are plentiful).

I have been trying to get back into writing, and I think it's been pretty successful. I can say that the last two stories I've posted since I've come back to Mibba are stories that I'm satisfied with, and one of them is even a chaptered story. I can't handle chaptered stories very well, I'm inconsistent and I lose motivation quick. But I have high hopes with this one.

Does anyone else experience these interesting story stuffs? Is stuffs a word? My laptop hasn't put a red dotted line under stuffs, but it has put one under Mibba.

One last thing, I read an older story of mine that I posted here and realized I kind of predicted the future? BRB, changing my username to Psychic Mogar.
June 24th, 2016 at 07:39pm