If You Like the Punisher Please Read!

Okay so I know that the Punisher is now on the public consciousness as an actual thing these days. So I want to recommend the following runs about the Punisher to all new Punisher fans.

Punisher Volume 3 Issues 1-12 by Garth Ennis
Punisher Volume 4 Issues 1-37 by Garth Ennis
Punisher Max Issues 1-75 by Garth Ennis


I am not going to lie guys although Punisher Vol 3&4 by Ennis were really good books with healthy doses of black comedy Punisher Max is its own separate beast. It may be one of the best comics I have read in my entire life but god it is utterly unforgiving and soul crushing. There are no other heroes with the exception of Nick Fury (as it is written by someone who hates basically every superhero minus Superman), it deals with super serious subject matters like sex slavery and a lot of violence. It is not for the faint of heart or anyone who think that Frank is anything other than a raging monster who kills mobsters and other really terrible human beings. But if you decide to take the journey I say you will not be disappointed.

PLus I would just love to really dig in and discuss the Punisher with someone. As the more I read with him the more I really like and dig the character.
June 25th, 2016 at 11:30pm