Time Changes Chapter One

It's up! I posted chapter one of the sequel "Time Changes". It's a twist and I have sort of an idea of where I'm heading. But, not really. Because just as with "Piece in Our Time" I'm writing this story chapter by chapter. It took me a while to get this first chapter up. I erased the whole thing twice before I posted it.

I hope that if you read it, you enjoy it.

I have not been feeling myself lately. Just off. Today I feel dirty and gross. I took a bath and that did nothing. I started my period today, and that just added to the grossness that I feel. I'm tired but I slept well, and I feel lazy and sluggish.

I bet a good old house cleaning would work for me. I always feel better after I clean. But I with my period, I don't feel like it. It's effected my writing. I haven't felt much like updating. I don't like my last update for "Hurricane" I hate it actually. I want to take it down. I'm scared to update "Flawed Existence" Because I like where I have it, and I don't want to force a chapter and hate it.

So this was just a ramble. I wanted to let everyone know that "Time Changes " is up.

I need to buy toothpaste. I used the last of it today.
July 8th, 2016 at 03:46am