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As the title of this blog says, I’ve been trying to be more active! I’ve been trying to do this by entering some contests, which is helping me get back into the swing of writing. I have a lot of free time right now as I try to find a job, so I’m trying to use that time to get back into writing. Hence the contest entries.

I’ve also been trying to work on some of my other stories that I’ve been neglecting, but I’m still trying to get some inspiration for those. I’m getting there though! I was actually inspired by one of the contests I entered ([url=]The Amazing Aesthetic Contest[/url]) to create aesthetics for a few of my stories (and by a few, I mean two).

Here they are:

Aesthetic (blood tw) for Blackout
Aesthetic for Nebulous

They were fun to put together! I think I’ll have to do this for more of my stories in the future!

And I was thinking that in another attempt to be active, I should get back into reading other people’s stories! In the spirit of helping each other out, if you want to leave me any of your stories to read, you should, in addition, leave suggestions for other people’s stories in equal measure! So if you rec me 2 of your stories, you should rec me 2 other stories by other people! And then I’ll try to read them ASAP and will most likely comment (maybe I’ll join Comment Monsters for this month and actually follow through on that unlike how I did last month).

Anyway, that’s it!

I'm just gonna list the stories people are recommending me here so I can keep it organized:
1. All out and Over by Alex Moore. and Lady Nikki Nightmare
2. The Fourth Kind by Sassenach
3. Piece in Our Time by Sassenach
4. Cosmogyral by iron giant!
5. Him & Him by saeglopur
6. Special Affair by slumflower
7. Freedom Interlude by slumflower
8. Hurricane by Sassenach
9. God Save the Queen by Bellamy.
10. Abyss by Bangarang!
11. Bookstore Love by Bangarang!
12. Silent by QueenBleeze
13. Underestimate Me by Alex Moore. and Lady Nikki Nightmare
14. Mapping Stars by pocahontas.
15. Before by pocahontas.
16. Defiance by gatesguardian.
17. Stellaris by silenthorror
18. 09x by dawn of light
19. Black Flies by spirited away.
20. Mitosis by spirited away.
21. If You Love Me Let Me Know by oh bear
22. Nate & Jules by inej ghafa
July 11th, 2016 at 02:53am