Alright, Time Changes has been updated. It's a bit short, but a big curve ball is thrown in there so, I think that makes up for it. I also really needed to update that, so I wanted to get one out today.

I started my "Norman Reedus" story, I put qutations because honestly he's just my inspiration for the story. His gorgeousness and personality are used in my new story Broken. It's about a man who leaves his abusive family and true love when he's 18 and when he returns things have seriously changed. It's based off of this song

Now, for the big event
I'm going to put updating Hurricane on pause until Tornado which is happening while Adam and Claire are working out their issues, catches up on the timeline. So, only for a little bit, I promise. I also think I left that story off in a good place, and now is a good time to get caught up.

I took down "Flawed Existence" I realized, that story had no plot at all,and I started it randomly and never felt like updating it. So, I'll probably end up using Tom Hardy and all his sexiness in a different story at a different time. I want to try and get these Three stories on the roll before I start anything new.

So, I hope you all check out Broken. I'm going to start working on the second chapter here in a few, maybe have it up by tonight or tomorrow.
July 15th, 2016 at 02:46am