The Most Important Part

To me, the most important part of my stories is the detail. I work really hard to make sure that even without dialogue my readers can understand what's going on.They can see where the story is taking place, they can feel what my characters are feeling. I spend a lot of time thinking of all the right words and the correct descriptions for my stories. It's also my favorite part.

Because whether you're reading Time Changes, where the characters are in the winter of Scandinavia, or Hurricane and Tornado where the story takes places in a sensual BDSM club, or the nightmare of possibly being abducted in The Fourth Kindor even Broken in a small, southern town, I want my readers to be able to see the story as if it were taking place right in front of them.

I want my readers to feel the curiosity, and nervousness of Claire and the frustration of Jason. Or the budding romance of Asmund and Eva,even the fear and loneliness of both Jenny and Nathan.It's why I use songs as my basis for stories. Nothing, I feel, is more capable of portraying ones emotions like the lyrics of a song. All of my stories are based off of music and lyrics.

I've always prided myself on my attention to detail, and it's what I pay attention to the most when I read other peoples stories. It's what I comment on, because it's what's most important to me. It's what I want people to get out of my stories.

"Hey, that one story, I could really envision it all happening."

It's also why I take so long to update some stories. If I don't think I can correctly and adequately describe a scene, I won't update. Nothing ruins a story for me like a vague backdrop and a lot of dialogue.

I'm sorry, this was a ramble. I'm just really proud of some of the stories I've put out. It really helps me to update when you guys comment, so never be shy or nervous to do so. I always appreciate them.

What is the most important part of a story to you?
July 15th, 2016 at 11:46pm