Yet Another Blog About Shameless

This might be my last one because heartbroken does not begin to describe me.

So by now I've turned into complete $Gallavich Trash$, and I'm so sad that Ian and Mickey can't catch a damn break, together or separately. Especially Mickey. I loved the Milkovich kids so much, ever since the beginning, so Mandy leaving for Indiana with her abusive boyfriend and Mickey spending a century in prison has me in tears.

Speaking of things that had me in tears, I was crying from the exhaustion of seeing Steve/Jimmy/Jack's damn face on television. I've determined that it's his face that keeps me from liking him. He's so smug?? Or something?? I have no idea what it is because I liked the British Steve, but I can't stand this one. If he comes back for some reason I'm actually going to stick my hand in a blender. And that injury is gonna be on the writers of the show.

There was one part of an episode I can't remember when Lip talks about him being in college and what that is supposed to mean to his family and why he can't go back to his family's house and that's the only part of this show that has made me cry. It was pretty lame to cry over but it got to me.

Debbie kinda frustrated me. Fiona definitely frustrated me. Anyway. I hope I'm done. I stopped watching at season 5 episode 10. I can't keep watching because I get too sad over everyone and I'm too frustrated that the Milkovich kids aren't happy. Also can Sammi leave.
July 23rd, 2016 at 07:15am