It's almost August, which means it's almost Halloween!

I'm the holiday girl in my family and circle of friends. I'm the one who bakes, and decorates a month early, and already knows what she's getting everyone for Christmas. I even have a holiday blog! pumpkinsandornaments. I've been pinning holiday stuff like crazy on my Pinterest. I'll probably write a Halloween and Christmas one-shot when the time gets closer. I'm just super amped for the Holiday Season. Honestly, it's not even the day of the Holiday that I get excited for, it's all the days leading up. The music in the stores, the smells, the feelings. All of it! I live my year for the Holiday Season.

real life picture of me


In other news. I applied to my old job today. I miss it, I was really happy at that job. Honestly I'm ashamed I let one bad event make me quit. I've had two other jobs since then, and none of them have made me as happy as my first one. I told my old manager today that I applied for the school year, and he told me he'd keep a look out for my application. So, I'm just hoping I can have my job back. I really want to quit my current job. The hours are crazy, and their completely inconsiderate of the fact that I have and need a life outside of work. At least with my old job I had weekends and holidays off.

I should also be working on the rough draft for the story I'm co-writing with Khloe Kardash, I'm sorry girl! I promise I'll have it to you by tomorrow night at the latest. I had some shit go down at home, and I just wanted to write this quick blog before I got off for the night. I'll be working on it tomorrow!
It'll be a Norman Reedus fic, and I'm so excited about it!

Well, I hope everyone has a good day/night. Wish me luck at work tomorrow, I hope I don't get ahead of myself and quit on the spot.
July 29th, 2016 at 07:01am