Love Sucks

So I guess I will be single again soon... I should just stick to my guns about not letting men in my life.. I wasn't looking for a man when I met him.. I told him that my ex messed me up so I'm not capable of being with anyone... but darn him he said oh we can be friends.. next thing I knew I had let him past my defenses and fallen for him.So when my ex pushed my buttons I ran to him.. we planned a life together... but his mom didn't want him to move away from the big city (where his life is literally threatened constantly) so he said to forget her he'd do what he wants and we packed and spent $ pulled my kids out of daycare quit my job... ect now.... he's not going... my kids love this man... and so do I... they call him Daddy but he's not going to be in our lives anymore... how can I just be okay with this? How can I explain to my children that once again"Daddy" didn't come with us. Sorry but I can't do this again .. love sucks. If I ever get in another relationship I hope someone slaps the stupid right out of me.
August 7th, 2016 at 12:18am