Do You Think Mibba Will Ever Go Down?

Hi Mibba! :3

Long time no talk! I hope everyone's doing okay, I've continued being my lurky-lurk self as usual, checking up on the blog section and all. And it seems like the site is in another lull type period, which kind of has me sad and also thinking. Will anyone even read this? Who knows, but I thought I'd put it out there just in case anyone else was thinking the same thing.

Now I've been on this site for a while- 5 years ago, I was getting welcome messages. And I definitely feel very nostalgic about it. I used to love writing/reading on here! It was the favourite part of my day sometimes, and while I wasn't the most avid blogger, I still liked to lurk frequently around. And it's had it's ups and downs from what I've seen.

I've seen a lot of the "Mibba revivals" that this site has gone through, but I mean, I think we can all agree that activity on this site is going through a steady decline. I guess that's just the way things go. It's a little sad, I guess, but oh well.

And then I was thinking about Quizilla, where I remember also posting. And how back in it's hey-day, Quizilla was it. But then I remember going back years later, and it was way more of a ghost town. People were still posting, but the Most Popular list that used to have chapters of stories at 30-60K, stories with less than 1K were topping it.

As some of you may now, Quizilla ended up closing it's doors and saying goodbye. I hadn't used Quizilla in years, but it was still sad to see it go. It was nostalgic to go back everyone once in a while, read my old stories and so on.

I wonder if the same thing would ever happen to Mibba.

I don't really use Mibba anymore, I'll be honest, I've travelled to Wattpad. Purely because it's just more active, the reach is so much larger, and it all just seems to be happening. And despite the years I spent here, Wattpad feels more like home now. I've got friends I talk to there, and my story is getting so much feedback it's crazy to me. I mean, my only brush with any sort of blowing up was on Mibba, with Homophobe. And I recently just got over 800K with my story on Wattpad! Which I mean, is crazy. And it's only continously growing each day. At this trajectory, it's gonna have 1 million views soon, which is just. Crazy.

So I don't think I'd ever post on Mibba again, since I've completely lost my audience here anyways, but it's still very nostalgic to me?

I like going back and reading old comments, and lurking in the blog section, and re-reading Homophobe from time to time. I really made my home here once, and it's cool to come back everyonce once in a while, like now.

I just wonder, will it follow in Quizilla's footsteps? The traffic on this site is minimal, and I worry for the day when it's no longer feasible for Dujo to keep it up. What then?

It's spooky to think about, so I was wondering, what do you guys think?
August 10th, 2016 at 01:46am