Help!: Towns & Parents in Stories (I Have Questions!)

So I'm trying to do a bit more planning for my story, Nebulous. Mainly just trying to get a bit more detail for different characters and then what towns everyone is from. My main reason for this blog is to ask this question: How do you come up with towns for your stories?

Do you come up with your own town, and then base it off of an existing one? Or is it best just to use a real town? I feel like just creating your own town for your character to live in would be easiest, just because then you don't have to research an existing town to get it right. I'm just curious what other people do.

In also fleshing out characters in the story, I'm actually coming up with names for parents, which I tend to not do-- whoops. Here's another question I just thought of: when writing in third person, when the focus is more from the point of view of the main character's Lila and Sam, how should I reference the parents? Like, if there's dialogue between one character and their mother, should I say something like "his mother said" or "Mrs. Owens said" or "Alice said" or are any of these fine, and it just depends?

Any insight/thoughts would be really appreciated! I'm just curious as to what other people do in their stories!
August 15th, 2016 at 09:03pm