Rec Me Your Stories + Hi, I'm Back

It's literally been almost a year since I've written a blog. How weird is that? I feel like Mibba had gotten so slow there for a while and it seems to be picking back up so here I am, rejoining the Mibba world with open arms because honestly? I miss posting stories all the time and talking to people.

Since I've been so absent with Mibba in terms of posting things and reading things, I have nothing to really read and I don't know who is into what these days. I don't even know what the big trends are on Mibba anymore so really, this blog is me asking all of my Mibba friends what is the hot goss? What's in? Who is here, who isn't? What are you writing?

I'm so interested in what you guys are doing and since I have nothing to read, I really want some good story recs! For the most part, I will pretty much read anything. The only things I will not read are stories that involve self-harm, physical or drug abuse, and anything of that particular nature. While some stories use it in a manner that is okay, I find a lot of it is unnecessarily triggering.

Some major things I'm into reading about:
- Fantasy
- Sci-fi
- Hockey
- Teen Wolf (though I'm pretty critical about that)
- Harry Potter/ Marauders/ ANYTHING HP WORLD
- Superheros/ Villans
- Romance

Honestly, there are few things I won't read.

Even if you don't have anything to rec and you just want to chat - DO IT. I am always open for some new buddies on Mibba and hearing about what you're writing. I feel like I've been so unengaged with the community that I'm clueless. So new friends and old friends are so welcome to just say hi!

Currently I'm not working on too much. Lately I keep doing this thing where I start a new story every five seconds because I'm struggling to find something to keep my focus. BUT the few things that I am keeping my focus on so far are:

Retrograde - Teen Wolf. While there is a focus on two new characters, I'm essentially attempting to rewrite Teen Wolf post-season three because I hate what Jeff did to the show and it's characters.

The Greeks - A hockey AU that you don't have to understand hockey to read. This focuses on college parties and follows the story of a girl who is in a sorority and a girl who is not. It's just a nice college drama.

The Wall Between - Tyler Seguin story that you also don't have to know hockey for, because the main character doesn't either. This is just the typical boy meets girl thing. Simple.

Anyways, REC ME YOUR STUFF. I'm eager to see what your beautiful minds have made. Let's be friends!

August 21st, 2016 at 06:55am