Character Building at Alice's Coffee Shop

I was tagged by Fae to do her character building challenge so huzzah, here I am. I want to complete this multiple times for different characters but because I’m hilariously lazy we’ll see how far I get. I’m also going to do this in way where my characters are getting interviewed because I find this more entertaining to complete (b/c BANTER, note though that I gave up somewhere in the middle there). The characters I’ll be featuring are ISLA, BEAU AND MASON from Alice’s Coffee Shop.

OH. And I tag Vic, Kimi and Lina to do this!

Are you a leather jacket or denim jacket person?
MASON: Leather.
ISLA: Unsurprising answer from Mason there. I’ll go with denim.
BEAU: Denim, also.

Are you a museum or aquarium person?
ISLA + BEAU: Aquarium.
MASON: Museum.
ISLA: Bullshit.
MASON: I appreciate fine art.
BEAU: Do you even know fine art?
MASON: I know Isla, don’t I?

Are you a coffee, tea or hot cocoa person?
MASON: I’m interested to see what Isla’s answer will be, since she changes her drink always.
BEAU: I’m a coffee guy and I’d say that Isla is too.
ISLA: I drink Big M [chocolate milk] occasionally, but I’d have to go with coffee generally.

Are you a sunset or sunrise person?
BEAU: Sunrise.
ISLA + MASON: Sunset.

Are you a pancakes or waffles person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Pancakes.

Are you an early bird or night owl person?
BEAU: Early bird.
ISLA: It fascinates me that you can wake up so early and actually get shit done.
BEAU: I’ve seen you in action early in the morning.
ISLA: Yeah, but I don’t enjoy it. I’m a night owl, for sure.
MASON: Also a night owl.

Are you a glitter or neon person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Glitter.

Are you a Snapchat or Instagram person?
BEAU + MASON: Instagram.
ISLA: Snapchat.

Are you a Converse or Vans person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Converse.

Are you a fantasy or sci-fi person?
MASON: Fantasy.
BEAU + ISLA: Sci-fi.

Are you a sweater or sweatshirt person?
ISLA: Aren’t they the same thing?
BEAU: I think a sweatshirt has buttons.
MASON: Who is this interviewer? Are they American?
ISLA: It’d be great if they spoke English.

Are you a deep space or deep ocean person?
MASON: What does this even mean?
ISLA + BEAU: Deep ocean.

Are you a (ง •̀_•́)ง or (ᓄಠ_ಠ)ᓄ person?
BEAU: (ᓄಠ_ಠ)ᓄ
ISLA: (ง •̀_•́)ง
MASON: I’m so confused.

Are you an exercise or extra fries person?
ISLA: Extra fries.
MASON + BEAU: Exercise.
ISLA: Beau, I have never seen you work out.
BEAU: Believe me Buttercup, I work out.
MASON: Yeah, Buttercup.
BEAU: Don’t call her that.
ISLA: Don’t call me that.

Are you a cake, muffins or cookies person?
ISLA: This is my kinda question, oh man. Cookies are the easiest to make but you can’t go wrong with a classic red velvet muffin with –
BEAU: - Chocolate icing, oh man, that’s my fucking favourite to eat.
ISLA: Why do you think they’re my favourite to make?
MASON: Aw. Also, I like cookies.

Are you a sun, moon or stars person?
ISLA: I like the moon.
BEAU: Sun, for sure.
MASON: I guess I’ll go with stars, then.

Are you a ‘do it today’ or ‘wait until tomorrow’ person?
ISLA + BEAU: Do it today.
MASON: Wait until tomorrow.
ISLA: You need to pick up your game, Mason.
MASON: Sorry boss.

Are you a summer or winter person?
ISLA + BEAU: Summer.
MASON: Winter.
BEAU: Why?
MASON: Why not?
BEAU: No need to get defensive.
ISLA: What’s your problem, Sullivan?

Are you a pins, buttons or patches person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Patches.

Are you a zip up hoodie or pullover hoodie person?
ISLA: Who even wears zip up hoodies anymore?

Are you a milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate person?
MASON: Dark.
ISLA: I don’t discriminate against chocolate, unlike Mason here.
BEAU: I also do not discriminate. But I am partial to white chocolate.

Are you a Tumblr or Pinterest person?
BEAU + MASON: Tumblr.
ISLA: Pinterest

Are you a donut or funnel cake person?
ISLA: I get that I am a baker and all, but I got no fucking clue what a “funnel cake” is. Is this another American term?

Are you a dog or cat person?
ISLA: You’re weird.
MASON: Thanks.

Are you a Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics person?
BEAU + ISLA: Summer.
MASON: Winter.

Are you a bath or shower person?
MASON + ISLA: Shower.
BEAU: Bath.
ISLA: Didn’t take you for a bath kinda guy, Beau.
BEAU: I enjoy sitting in my filth as much as any person does, thank you.


Are you an aliens or ghosts person?
MASON: Aliens.
BEAU + ISLA: Ghosts.

Are you a wine or vodka person?
BEAU: Beer.
MASON: Vodka.
ISLA: I don’t care, as long as it gets me drunk.

Are you a turtleneck or crew neck person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Crew neck.

Are you a Harry Potter or Percy Jackson person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Harry Potter.

Are you an ice cream or sherbet person?
BEAU: Sherbet.
ISLA + MASON: Ice-cream.

Are you a save or spend person?
ISLA + BEAU: Save.
MASON: Spend.

Are you an Arctic Monkeys or The Neighbourhood person?
BEAU + ISLA + MASON: Arctic Monkeys.

Are you a Freeform or the CW person?

Are you a black and white Converse or all white Converse person?
ISLA: All white converse.
BEAU + MASON: Black and white.

Are you a ‘gets nervous when phone battery drops lower than 70%’ or ‘won't charge until 20% or lower’ person?
BEAU: Won’t charge until 20% or lower.
ISLA + MASON: Gets nervous when phone battery drops lower than 70%.

Are you a corner, side or middle brownie piece person?
MASON: Middle.
ISLA: Corner.
BEAU: Side.

Are you an idk or idc person?
MASON: idk
ISLA + BEAU: idc

Are you a detailed oriented or big picture person?
ISLA: Detailed oriented.
BEAU + MASON: Big picture.

Are you a National Geographic or TIME magazine person?
BEAU: National Geographic.

Are you a laundry every other day or put it off as long as possible person?
ISLA + MASON: Put it off.
BEAU: Every other day.

Are you a sunny day or thunderstorm person?
ISLA + MASON + BEAU: Thunderstorm.

Are you an ocean or river person?
BEAU: Ocean.
ISLA + MASON: River.

Are you a present minded or future minded person?
ISLA + BEAU + MASON: Present.

Are you a road trip or hiking person?
MASON: Road trip.
BEAU + ISLA: Hiking.

Are you a TV shows or movies person?
ISLA: Movies.

Are you an Android or Apple person?
ISLA + MASON: Apple.
BEAU: Android.

Are you a ‘specific foods for breakfast’ or ‘eat whatever for breakfast’ person?
ISLA: Specific foods.
BEAU + MASON: Eat whatever.

Are you a cold pizza or warm it up person?
BEAU: Cold pizza.
MASON + ISLA: Warm it up.

Are you a city or country person?
BEAU: Country.
ISLA: I see the goodness in both.
MASON: City.

Are you a spring or autumn person?
BEAU + ISLA: Autumn.
MASON: Spring.

Are you a Troye Sivan or Hayley Kiyoko person?
MASON: Troye.
BEAU + ISLA: Hayley.

Are you a flannel or cardigan person?
BEAU + ISLA: Flannel.
MASON: Cardigan.

Are you a bright colors or muted colors person?

Are you a phone call or text person?
MASON: Text.
ISLA + BEAU: Call.
#ABOUT ME (Find 5 text posts from this site that your character would be like #meaf)

1. someone: quit bouncing your leg
2. you know that mood you get in sometimes where you just fucking are in love with drinking water
3. lookin for the right person to raise a dog with
4. dwayne johnson, paper, scissors
5. space

1. My only constant is the black hair tie around my wrist. No mans gonna be there for me like this hair tie has. No ones presence is gonna b as reassuring
2. boy: I really hate it when girls==
3. Me: I hate corny shit
4. Are you talking to anyone?
5. Planet earth might turn slowly but this ass don’t

1. *gracefully flips over a quesadilla* anyone would be lucky to have me
2. me showering at a friend's house
3. literally want to be rich for the clothes
4. one time at h&m i thought a guy was a mannequin so i started feeling the material of his coat and i screamed when he moved and we were both really freaked out
5. ghostbusters are always like who are you gunna call?

THIS TOOK ME A BLOODY LONG TIME but I really enjoyed doing this!
August 24th, 2016 at 04:28pm