The Nerves Arrive!

In my last blog, I announced I was pregnant. Since then, We've found out its a boy. So, Artemis Sage Preston LastName.

Now come all the chaos. Sorting everything I already have. Making space for everything (which means completely clearing out my room, and trying to find a new bed that can be folded or condensed, cause my room is the size of a large closet basically). And two weeks or so from now I have my official baby shower. Between that and a work one, I can only imagine how much stuff I may end up with. (I only have 10 that said they're going, but planning for 50 because so much miscellaneous family.)

Less than two months to go. My due date is October 26. If he wants to hold out until the first, I wouldn't complain. I've always wanted a November baby.

I've gotten to the fun state of figuring out who I want in the room with me. My mom thinks she probably doesn't. And I can't say I blame her. Seeing your little girl in that much pain and all would be super hard. Especially since this is the first baby shes excited about since we lost my sister at birth 6 years ago.

Ergh so much to do, so much bills to plan for. So nerves. Much scared.

I think I've hit the point of nonsensical rambling now.... So. I think i'll sign off.

Love for you all!
August 28th, 2016 at 07:42pm