Hello, Mibba!

Hello, Mibba! Nice to meet you. How are you?

It’s funny, I had this whole idea of writing an introductory blog but now that I’ve actually sat down to write it, I have absolutely no clue what to write about myself without making it sound like a Christian Mingle profile.

My name is Carmen, I am nineteen years old and I’m studying to become a nurse. I’m not quite sure what else is relevant. My favourite song of all time is Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian, my favourite movie is Seabiscuit and my favourite TV show is Shameless (UK).

So far I’ve done a lot of lurking about on Mibba, as well as having fights with the layout maker. I’ll definitely be signing up for the Comment Monsters Challenge for September and keeping an eye on the contests and challenges.

So far I’ve made two story pages. One is for a one-shot called Goodbye, Vienna, and the other is for a multi-chapter piece called The Lives of Others. I should be updating the latter very soon, while I’m just about halfway through writing the former.

If you have any tips for a newbie about how to get the best out of this Mibba experience, then please share!

August 31st, 2016 at 11:30pm