I Say Hey Hey Hey, Haley

I say hey~ what’s going on?

Amazing Mibbian villa rosie has placed in one of my contests with her fantastic entry called History. This story is breathtakingly poetic, that defines the meaning of anything majestic. Sweet instead and out, we get to know a little more about this talented author!

Please tell the world of Mibba your name, username (the origins of it) zodiac sign and how you came upon Mibba!
My name is Haley, and I’m known as “villa rosie” on Mibba! The username is from my favorite Blur album Modern Life is Rubbish, and it is also my favorite song on said LP. When I came to Mibba, from the Quizilla-migration years ago, I was really into Blur. So, that is how my existence came to be as a Mibbian! Oh, and by the way, I’m an aquarius!

What are you hoping to get out from your experience with Mibba? (become known or)
There is a lot to gain from Mibba, and I’m hoping to improve my writing and social skills. My progress is already great, when comparing to how I used to be as a newbie. It’s just nice to see the change I’ve made over the years, for the better!

Sam’s Comment: I totally agree!

What is the very first story you ever finished on Mibba? What was it about?
The first story I’ve completed on Mibba is a teensy one-shot! It’s called “From a Great Height”, and it features the lead singer of MGMT, Andrew Vanwyngarden. So, basically, there is a girl up in a tree and she reads some letters, on her being denied from publishing companies. In time, a wild Andrew appears and tries to boost her morale and provide a muse! That’s about it.

What piece are you most proud of? Why?
I’m in love with “Accident”, because it exactly fulfilled my idea and passion for this story. Most of the time, as I’m writing, I lose original qualities that are supposed to be in my story. It’s a confusing process, but I’m glad to have “Accident” be how I wanted and gain a lot of recognition, in general!

What inspired (besides the contest) you to write your winning entry History?
Like many people, I was inspired by a song to write this story. It’s by one of my favorite bands, The Verve, and it is even called “History”. When I first listened to the song, I was compelled by the emotion within. So powerful and tragic, but also natural, how love can be and then stop. I wanted to focus on that and incorporate a twist of positivity. Hence, a crush being a main theme in the story— haunting and mesmerizing.

What is one thing you do to shake (I shake it) off writer's block?
I like to read a lot of stories, when I want to get rid of writer’s block. Seeing words and ideas come to life, it truly does motivate me and get the wheels turning in my head!

KILL, KISS, KARDASHIAN! (Bwahahah) Give me a friend from Mibba, animal, and celebrity who you would kill, kiss or see them as a Kardashian family.
I would kiss Brad Pitt. Then, I’d see my pet bunny, Mocha, as a Kardashian family because she is full of sass and beauty… And, you’re my buddy, ay? So, I guess I’d kill you off. But don’t worry! I’ll feed you my blood beforehand, so that you turn into a vampire after you die, and that’s rad.

GETTING TO KNOW THE INNER YOU: (random questions)

Go to your phone's album and scroll to the 175th picture. Describe and tell me about it.
The 175th picture on my phone is a lovey-dovey cat, named Happo! He lives at the warehouse, in which my great-uncle and great-aunt own, in Van Nuys, California. I was visiting them on vacation, and I got to see the kitties at the warehouse on some days! In the photo, Happo is laying down after a prolonged petting session. Oh, yes, indeed— maw!

What's the most embarrassing thing you done in your college/high school career?
There is not a single embarrassing moment... but many. I have two words for you: Spanish presentations.


Give me two truths and one lie and I'll try to guess which one is the lie.
• I like exercising
• My favorite drink is orange juice
• I’ve never had a boyfriend

Sam’s Comment: orange juice is a lie! Maybe another drink is your fav hehe

Do you have any other hobbies than writing?
I like to read, hike, watch TV, fangirl, cook, sleep.

Sam’s Comment: fangirl yes i fangirl everyday every minute

Who/what is your spirit animal?
Not many people know this, but Mark Foster is my spirit animal. Y’know, he is the lead singer of Foster the People. We are literally the same person, except he is far more attractive, talented, and successful. Just watch both of us dance, though; we are one in the same.

What is your go-to outfit or article of clothing?
I like to wear a chunky tan sweater, when I don’t want to think of my outfit. Then, I’ll put on my dark-blue, skinny jeans and black flats. That is Haley.

What shows have you binge watched this year?
I don’t watch a lot of shows… Yes, I’m a weirdo that just likes to watch sports. However, I can still answer your question. Back in February, I started to binge on The Walking Dead, and then in July it was Quantico. Both cases are because of my mom. She had them on TV. They absorbed my soul.
(Team Daryl & Team Ryan!) Woot-woot!

Congrats again to villa rosie for placing! I hope you all go ahead and check out more of her work!!
September 6th, 2016 at 11:29pm