A Playlist

So, I'm going to attempt the September Prompt-a-Thon because lately my life has been pretty much all about work and that's just super boring. Although I'm already way behind on this...well, I guess half the battle is starting. Here is a playlist that describes my life.
1. Trash Boat - The Guise of a Mother
My hands remain steady / Inside I shake

2. The Story So Far - Closure
I'm still debating whether I have even found the source / Of all my discomfort and blunt discourse

3. Trash Boat - Perspective
I close my eyes and act as if / I don’t need anything from you / Or anyone to help me through this

4. The Story So Far - Nerve
Mad now like I was before / Cause somebody's always asking who I do it for / But I don't wanna do it for you anymore

5. Bayside - Two Letters
I know, I know / I should be better / I think I am to some degree

6. BTS - Tomorrow
I have a long way to go / But why am I running in place?

7. Agust D - So Far Away
Saying I don't want to do anything really sucks

8. The Story So Far - Stifled
Can't help but dwell on what you're doing / I'm much too slow for the pace that you're moving

9. Agust D - The Last
I don't even know my own self / So who can know me?

10. The Story So Far - Empty Space
All that I know / Is your space is empty / It's buried below / The stress and the envy

11. Agust D - 140503 At Dawn
Don't come over the wall I've put up in front of myself

12. The Story So Far - Scowl
I wear a scowl so that they can always see / Nowhere near where I wanna be

13. Trash Boat - Tring Quarry
All sewn up / But not finished yet
I really was going to make an 8tracks mix for this, but honestly, it took me this long just to choose the songs and lyrics that I didn't want to waste any more time with uploading and making a cover. I just want to move on to other prompts since I'm so behind already. Also: I know there's a lot of recurring artists in here, but truthfully most of their discographies could've made it onto this playlist.
September 12th, 2016 at 03:42am